Youre welcome! Its yummy

"Can’t wait to try it! Yayy!"


"Of course!"


"Of course!"

INOOO. *hugs* Hi! I gave itachi-san lasagna and candy for you two to share. :) Please enjoy it.

"Oh wow, thank you, Kayla-San!! Yayy! I don’t have to make dinner today!" 


Good Night by Michael Faudet


Good Night by Michael Faudet

[Spends entire morning popping bubbles on this page with Keisuke.]





"Well, if it isn’t Ino. I see no reason for you to have that look on your face." 

This had been the girl who took pictures of Itachi’s rear (of the year!)- she had been absent but now she was back.

"What look? Maybe you need to change the prescription of your glasses."


any takers?


any takers?

"A festival!!"

No no its movie. Its really great. You and ita-nii should watch it.

"If you say so- then I will see if we can have a movie some time."

"If you get pregnant, you'll die!" 8<



"Oh my, a little spy. Are you a friend of Lee-chan’s, hmm?"

So what was this? Lee’s staunch affections for Sakura were being stolen by this gixie right here? 

Ino would enjoy the potential to see a new romance bloom within the campus grounds of Iwakiri. It was about time other people got together (she had apparently given up on finding Ulquiorra  a date for now). 

"Hello," Ino smiled at her like a cat would at a mouse. "Yes. Now, how did you meet Lee"


She called him Lee-Chan.

"Isn’t your dad supposed to tell you about this?"

Shikamaru!" Ino hissed, already regretting blurting out her questions on how far he and Temari had taken it. Shikamaru saw right through her, as usual, and knew she was probably…

The florist sighed.

That’s what I get for prying…


"He already did…"

Her father had probably thought he was being very nice- but he had ended up being very vague about it when he had seen Ino’s dress dyed red and spoke about how her body had started blooming and this was a sign she could now bear children (“Only with Otou-San’s permission though!” He had insisted, half joking and half anxious). He also spoke about feelings and changing interactions.

"You will feel funny things for boys that you wouldn’t-"

"But I liked Sasuke-Kun already!" Ino had pointed out.

"Oh… err… right."

Then he had cleared his throat, given her some honeyed bread and patted her head.

Hairpin for Hiyori

shintenshin asked:

"Hello Hiyori, say hi to Keisuke-Kun," Ino grinned brightly, holding a little black-haired baby in her arms. "I’m looking after him for 2 weeks."

"hn?" hiyori turned and found herself up close face to face with big eyes, chubby face and black hair. the baby was reaching out to grab anything in his reach.
"GAH! DAFUQ YA GOT THERE?!" the vizored yelped in surprise, recoiling away from the baby before he could touch a hair on her head.
after seeing what it was that her roommate was holding, hiyori turned red from embarrassment.
"w-why are you showing me the baby?!" she stammered out, embarrassed at her own reaction.
The florist giggled at Hiyori’s reaction, shaking her head. It must have been a long time since she had seen a baby, huh?
Keisuke didn’t mind the outburst at all, in fact, he seemed thrilled to meet someone so animated. The little lad wiggled his chubby fingers, reaching towards Hiyori’s pigtails but not quite managing as Ino adjusted him on her hip.
"Hehe, just so that the two of you could meet. Hold him for me, ne?" Without waiting for a response, she passed the baby over to Hiyori where he kicked his tiny feet, wanting to be let down so he could explore and undoubtedly cause trouble.
The florist searched through her purse and finally pulled out a golden, silk scarf with fantastic designs of cranes, clouds and dragon wings embroidered on them. She unfolded the scarf and held out a jewelled hair pin for Hiyori. It was brass with patterns etched along the stem and red rubies were held together in the design of a compound leaf. There were two, thinner chains hanging off in tassels.
"Present," she smiled. "Want me to put it on for you? It will hold nicely in your hair."

[Leaves plant on desk]



Kyuubi? Tch. Suppose we should both count ourselves lucky in that case.

Thanks for the orchids - the last present Shikamaru got me was white too. You guys trying to tell me something?

Let’s agree to agree on that last point. 


p.s. Next Tuesday? Stay inside.



Thanks for that. You’re lovely. 

Aww, Shikamaru also got you something white? I guess our minds must be in sync. ;)

xoxo Ino

P.S. I did stay indoors- but didn’t help much when Uchiha Madara landed at school.