He looked up at her, quietly allowing her to pat his head. In contrast to the blonde’s fretting, Itachi appeared quite calm over the entire matter. As far as he was concerned, if his older self chose to trust her, and he himself did too, then it was fine. In addition, in his point of view, their relationship had little to do with him now. He was still six, with a mother, a father, and a brother, and school to finish.

He’d worry about his time with Ino later, when he was much older. His adult self would take care of everything else when he returned.

"No, I’m not, Ino-san, but thank you for asking."


"If it’s alright with you, can I go to bed? I’m tired, and I have to train tomorrow."

Once again, the child version of Itachi was as eerily calm as his adult self. The first time he had been catapulted from Konoha into Iwakiri, he had been worried about Sasuke- but now, he had adjusted all too well. How could he be so calm? Did he not realise how vulnerable he was?

"Oh… that’s fine…" She trailed away, eyes dancing with amusement. It was ironic that the owner of the house was checking if everything was alright with her, first.

"Actually… this is your house, so if you want to sleep, I’m not going to stop you. I’ll take you upstairs!”

And without missing a beat, she grabbed his hand and ran up the stairs with him. She would not miss the opportunity to tuck in a mini Itachi with a teddy, nope. Ino bounced on the balls of her feet, excited to be the one to see Itachi’s little bedtime routine. So… what did a genius do before bed?

"Want me to read you a story? Tuck teddy in with you? Anything?

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[Casually wonders where her hot neighbour could be]

"I wanted to show him to Sakura…"

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gold unicorns || yamanaka ino



Not so smart. Ino had forgotten that while he had promised that he wouldn’t land her in detention, there was nothing in their agreement that stipulated against docking points from her house. 

A little loophole that Itachi was not about to mention any time soon.

Or use, really.

Uncertain as to what to do just yet, Itachi merely folded his arms across his chest as he watched, dark eyes following her interaction with the little unicorn. It could not be more than a few months old. Where is its mother?, he wondered.

"Oh?" he said. His voice was deceptively the same, usual calm he had used to explain what the creature is to her, but its intent was an attempt at humour. "Careful now, or you’re going to make me jealous."

If he remembered correctly, unicorns as young as this one are a great deal more accepting towards men than when they have grown- but all the same, Itachi decided that perhaps he ought to hang back just awhile longer.

Such an exquisite creature.

Ino had never quite seen anything like a unicorn and the baby gold foal was absolutely breath-taking. The florist believed this pure, unsullied creature couldn’t possibly exist in a dirty place like this.

"You are beautiful," she praised him softly, watching it lick at the sugar experimentally and deciding that it liked it, gobbled it all up in its little mouth.

She was mesmerised by the sight before her, until she heard Itachi’s humorous retort. Ino tore her gaze away and tugged at the dark-haired man’s robes, urging him to come a little closer.

"Come closer, or you’ll miss this!"

A moment more of watching it frolick around before she scooted closer to Itachi.

"The rules might keep people safe… but they also keep people from seeing things like this. Aren’t you glad you came?"

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Love will thaw~~




A non-committal reply. Rather than saying much more, Itachi merely rested his cheek against his knuckles, gaze following the story quietly. It was only a work of fiction, there was no need to be concerned about him.

By the time the ending arrived, Itachi was still very much the same way. The only difference was that after the credits had begun to roll in, he moved to start gathering the cups and dishes they had used.

Tea, dango, and biscuits… They didn’t really have much. 

Itachi piled the items on a tray.

Now that Frozen had ended, Itachi was able to concentrate on other matters. While it wasn’t terrible, as mentioned it was pleasant, he concluded that he still greatly preferred other pieces he had watched with her.

The attention to detail in terms of art was worthy of praise, however.

"There’s no need to be worried."


"It’s just a film. How are you coping with the loss of Hans?"

Sadly, her Itachi-seat only lasted until the end of the movie and she had to rest against the sofa again as he got up to gather the dishes.

"Thanks," she smiled, appreciating his wordless little way of helping. Shikamaru and Chouji would’ve needed serious nagging to even bother.

She had chosen her man well. A little too well, considering that he was talking about Prince Hans again.

Her answer came out in the form of an angry cheek puff and she merely shook her head. The prince was not supposed to be evil. Who had wrote that terrible plot twist?

"I still believe he had a little crush on her.”

When Hans had fallen in the water, that expression of adoration… it was not a lie. Or perhaps she was just psychoanalysing every minute detail in her usual habit and it probably didn’t mean anything.

"I guess Prince Hans chose power over love." Just like a certain avenger they knew all too well.

"Well… it’s just a movie. I liked Queen Elsa’s ice jutsu. Hmm… Sakura spoke about a ninja that used a rare bloodline limit from Mist Village using ice. He was very beautiful, too. I don’t know if you heard of him, but you might have heard of Zabuza- he worked for him." 

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Time’s subjective right?


He was running late, which was odd given that Gremmy had been doing absolutely nothing for the past couple of weeks. No school work, no extracurricular, not even the odd prank. Gremmy was actually surprised that Ino had invited him, as he’d not even left his room recently, but he did care for her which had led him to be there albeit late.

Pulling his hood further over his hair, the teen knocked softly, his clothes had reverted to much like his former Quincy uniform, even if they were now nothing like white. 

Ino pulled open the door with a wide smile on her face. She was wearing bright lipstick and a short, short dress- but welcomed the young quincy inside. 

"Ahh! My fair-hair fairy!! You made it!" Ino pulled him into a hug and thrust a plate of yummy, assorted doughnuts in his direction.


"Did I grant your wish?"

Speaking of wishes… Ino turned her gaze towards the stairs.

"Can you take these to Itachi-San as well please? I haven’t seen him for the past hour…"

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"Yeah, we do," the florist agreed. "Guess who asked me to move in with him?"

Momo was really glad to see her friend again and even more so that she decided to stop and chat for a while instead of calling out a greeting in passing. Her full attention was completely riveted on the blond with her question and she soon found her eyes sparkling with interest and her curiosity piquing.


She had suspected that Ino had a boyfriend of sorts for her friend was just too kind, beautiful and all sorts of wonderful not to. Her companion had never verified this suspicion however and Momo had respected her privacy, feeling that when Ino was ready she would tell her. Could the time finally have come? Could she finally cheer Ino on in her love life and wish her the best of happiness like she deserved after everything she had done for her?

Leaning forward eagerly, she snagged her friends hands in hers and gave them a playful tug as she teasingly nagged the other.


"Don’t leave me hanging in suspense Ino-chan. Tell me, tell me!!"

It was as if Ino was declaring the end of a war or something, with how excited Momo appeared by the news that Ino had now settled in with the man she was engaged to. The florist offered her a bright smile, which transformed into peals of laughter when Ino’s hands were grabbed by the ecstatic shinigami.

How sweet… how long had she fangirled over a boy like this? 

"Ahaha, aiish! Of course, of course! You’re pulling my fingers off!" Ino joked, then casually pried one hand away from the girl, showing her the ring.


“Uchiha Itachi put this on me whilst confessing his undying love for me.”

Her expression softened at the memory. Rows and rows of bright flowers with translucent petals, stark green petals and then… ice outside the glass panels… what a bewildering, magical stage he had prepared for that proposal.


"His loveliness beautifies everything around him. So, how could I deny him?"

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shintenshin said: "I’m glad you’re doing well, Shisui-San," she replied, managing a small smile. "Do you need a hand?" 

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He flashes her a smile, before releasing the trash into the bin. “Nah, it’s no problem at all!” 

As an afterthought, he cocked his head to the side. “Can I, perhaps, help you?” It was rare of Ino to visit him, and they hardly kept in contact, despite being linked so closely. It was his fault, of course.

Perhaps she just wanted to hang out? 

Ino nodded, wrinkling her nose when he lifted the lid of the bin and was secretly glad he had not needed any help.

The florist looked up, pale gaze settled on his genial face and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Had her sadness been that palpable?

Well, Shisui was an Uchiha. Perhaps he could help with her dilemma.

"Oh, Shisui-San," Ino sighed once again. "I think this case is beyond any help."


"Your cousin dislikes girls like me the most. And Itachi-San loves his little brother the most. I want them to spend time together normally, with you, with everyone, with me… but it just doesn’t look like it will turn out that way, does it?”

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♡ It’s the queens birthday ! ♡


♡ It’s the queens birthday ! ♡

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Itachi eyed her curiously, dark gaze taking in every detail that was available to him.

Truth to be told, that had been a mere guess. During his last visit, he had heavily suspected that there was more to her relationship with his older self than she let on. It was only natural. And now, all factors considered, it seemed that all evidence started to weigh in favour for his assumption.

So he smiled, taking pity on the shell-shocked elder.


"It’s alright, Ino-san," he reassured her. "I’ll find out for myself."

With that said, he proceeded to move his focus onto examining his immediate surroundings… What a warm house. It looked very nice and friendly, and it had been lovingly decorated too. Were those framed photographs on the table?

"Do you know how long I’ll have to be here?"

Ino took several moments to compose herself. Itachi had proposed nine months ago, however, they had rarely had an opportunity to seriously talk about the actual wedding. She suspected that Itachi was actually clueless about weddings and didn’t know how to organise one so was just going to sit on the subject and wait. That was perhaps why, when his six year old self brought up the topic with so much frankness, it surprised her. Especially… considering how Ino had never discussed her relationship with him. He was young, an innocent child. Let him think of nothing but toys and little brothers- not a girlfriend or, even, a wife-to-be.

She returned his candid smile with a soft one of her own.

"Hehe, just don’t worry about it, ne?" She patted his head again.

"I don’t know how long you will be here… but you do need new clothes. Are you hungry?"

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"You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a long time that actually did look like something blooming."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night (via faunfucking)
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Now that he had been released from Ino’s hold, he offered her a small, sheepish smile.


"… I’d suppose he is," he said somewhat embarrassedly, not quite knowing, really, hair a tad out of place. Courtesy of her affection. "Okaasan made him for me."

It was strange. Itachi had never really been the type of child to request much from his parents, but his mother had been quite… well, she was a bit more affectionate than usual. Almost as though she was worried about him.

There really wasn’t any need for it; he was doing well, especially in his studies. He’d sped way past their curriculum in a matter of weeks.

All the same, he appreciated the gesture.

"I see. Are we married now?"

Curious as she was about what had occurred to him since his last visit to Iwakiri (he had been very worried about Sasuke then), Ino decided that she shouldn’t overwhelm him. Once again, he had woken up in a strange house with a practical stranger. At least he was a calm child. And he had something from home.

A soft smile touched her lips and she took the little bear’s paw. Each stitch was made by his mother… from the button-like eyes, right down to the nose. Aww…

She was still shaking the paw when he blurted that out, oh-so-casually. Ino gaped at him, stunned and totally blank that he thought- THAT!


Marriage…. how did he?? She hadn’t said a word to him. And wasn’t he just six years old?

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Before he knew it, Itachi was already engulfed by a pair of arms, the ever enthusiastic blonde evidently excited to see him. He spoke, voice slightly muffled by the intensity of it all. He could barely see over her shoulder, small as he was.


"Aa. It’s nice to see you too, Ino-san."

Ino’s hold on his teeny frame was quite tight and she couldn’t help squeezing the little boy. He was just as cute as she remembered. Itachi with a little, curious voice and that open, honest expression. His child expression, devoid of the horror he had endured, was nice to see.

The fair-haired girl eventually let him go, ruffling his hair again and pointing to the bear. She hadn’t expected him to be a soft toy type of kid… but he was.


"Ahh, what a cute bear! I hope he is happy to see me, too! As you can guess, you’re back at Iwakiri. Although, it’s a different house."

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ooc; no. i refuse.

ooc; Ino might use shikamaru to drag you downstairs. uv u she even invited cynthia for you. you better be there. BI

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