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loveyoulikealovesongx3 said:
i play it alot. just remember the button commands and you should be good  


"Ehehe! I see!!" Ino grinned, nodding and committing them to memory. She was having fun, and even winced when her character was thrown aside.

"NO! Not him!!"

Ino groaned, putting her hands in her hair as her character ran out of life bars. 

Would you like to continue? 

"AH!! Continue! Continue!" She shouted at the screen in reply.


"Wow. That was rude. That character is just like Sasuke-Kun! How could he ignore my cute guy like that?"

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loveyoulikealovesongx3 said:
*rubs head a little and pushes the start button* there. just use the stick to go down to it and press X.  

"Ooh, so that’s how you do it. You’re good at this game."

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Neji watched her shrink back ever so slightly, obviously reconsidering her plan of attack.


"What do you want, Ino? And take off that wig.”

Ino did shrink away. The last time she had even come close to someone else’s younger brother, they had… not been pleased at all.

You always cause more damage than necessary.

She sighed, folding her arms underneath her chest.


"I just wanted people to send each other flowers. Does it really cause damage?"

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shintenshin replied to your post:"NEJI!"
[Continues smiling at]

[Continues ignoring her]

Ino doles out a simpering smile.

"You are my favourite senpai, did you know that?"


"You are always are so thoughtful and kind and generous…”

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"I see."



"I knew you would. Finally. Your byakugan has certainly helped."

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Aww. That was mean of him.


Well, at least she was being quiet.


"So how about giving it a thought now?"

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pygmy puffs || yamanaka ino



Itachi almost had the wind knocked out of him. He had barely blinked and already he was in the crowded shop, weaving in and out of the throng of people inside, Ino’s hold on him firm. A few, he accidentally bumped into and promptly apologized to.

He had to gather his bearings before he could properly answer her.

"—Just one?" he said jokingly.

With the way she was behaving, one would have thought she wanted to buy the entire lot.

Now that he had been released from Ino’s grasp, Itachi rubbed the side of his arm, watching as she begged him to buy her a -what was it called…? He peered at the sign next to the cage- pygmy puff. So that’s what they are.

They were cute enough, yes, and they did seem quite docile, but…

He was a little concerned.

They knew nothing about pygmy puffs. What sort of care do they require? Would they need a companion to save it from loneliness? He knew that some animals could be quite sensitive.

"I don’t know…" he said tentatively, gaze following the bouncing little balls of puff. They looked like cotton balls from here.


"Do you think we’d be able to manage with another?"

Ino did want more than one, but she knew that it would be too many to handle. As a child, she had never really owned pets and her only experience with animals was the Nara deer that she sometimes saw after school – no, she did not own a pig!

It was only at Iwakiri where pet owning had become a popular past time. Ninja usually had animals they trained, not pets. Now she wanted another one, besides the two ducklings.

Yes, her hands would be full… but when she saw the look on the pygmy puff’s face- she knew it was meant to be.

“Oh come on! I promise you, this is a tiny little pet. It won’t be any trouble! Look- it says here that they are very easy to care for! It’s a scavenger animal. See!” Ino added earnestly. 

"Itachi-Saan…" she drawled, taking a step closer and drew small circles on his chest with an index finger. "Come on… I’ll take care of everything.”


"Trust me?"

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Climbing Red Roses (by IronRodArt - Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”))
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"Love is a torment
Whenever we hide it
Why not lay it bare
Like the moon that appears
From behind the mountain ledge?"
— anonymous (Manyoshu)  (via inspirationcantbefound23)
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prodigyitachi said:
"What is your father like?"  

Ino looked away from the flowers she was arranging and turned to her dark-haired companion.

He wanted to know about her father?

Why all of a sudden?



It was not unusual for them to converse about Konoha or their friends- but family was still something Ino didn’t mention. She didn’t know how sensitive it would be to talk about all the Yamanaka family in front of him when he did not have a lot. Especially her father. From that sojourn in his memories years ago, she knew that Itachi did not really see eye to eye with his father. They loved each other, but there was tension between Fugaku and his eldest son.

How to answer without making him feel bad? 

"… He’s lovely," she smiled. And then, admitting it, reminded her of her father again. An intense pain of homesickness flared inside of her. How many years had she been without him?

"A reliable shinobi. Strong… warm and inviting," she continued, idly twirling the stems of the flowers. "Very kind. But awkward sometimes. He spoiled me when he needed to, but stern when I got too bratty."

All those little tellings off. "Ino! You don’t make paper kunoichi dolls out of otou-san’s files! Oh Kami-Sama…"

She laughed, missing the sound of his voice. Oh, she would love him to be here right now.


"Hehe, you two would get along really well. He will like you a lot!"

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pygmy puffs || yamanaka ino



Itachi could already see the quickly formulating mental list of items that Ino wished to purchase.

She could try as hard as she liked to hide it, but Itachi was not oblivious to her adoration for spending money shopping. The growing collection of clothes, shoes, handbags and various decorations at their house was proof of this.

On the inside, Itachi had a nagging feeling that he might just end up with a lighter wallet by the end of the day.

But it was a vacation. They did not even know if they’d be able to visit this world again.

Upon catching sight of the little pink creature, the smile on his lips widened a touch. With the way it was jumping about, it looked like a bouncing, furry ping-pong ball.

"Ah… It is."


"Would you like to go inside and take a look? They might have more there."

Ino was already making weird, cutesie faces at the creature that was hopping in delight. She was puckering her lips and giggling, watching it bounce around the pattern her fingers made. The florist turned at the sound of Itachi’s voice and nodded, flying inside the shop with him before he even finished his sentence.

Ah, there was so much to see! Ino pulled itachi by the arm, a little aggressively (but it was crowded inside and she didn’t want any weirdos groping him) and she led him to the display of the creatures she had seen earlier.

There they all were, purring, humming, rolling… and all looking positively adorable. The sign beside the cage read: Pygmy puffs.

How sweet! There was a purple one looking at her with ‘please-love-me’ eyes and she could not leave it behind.

The fair-haired girl turned to her handsome companion and stared at him before leaning even closer, clasping her hands together.

“Itachi-Saaan, please can I get one? I know we have a lot of pets but… please?”

"I’ll pay you back!"

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'Nerdy prefects' got a scoff. If there was one thing Temari liked about Ino, it was her way with details. She could just picture the two over-serious prefects in their uniforms, calmly asking younger students to behave or face the incredibly boring consequences.

"We keep missing eachother," Temari admitted, careful to keep the regret out of her tone. Sometimes life just hurled your path away from someone else’s for a while. The important thing was to keep walking. "But I’ll catch up to him soon," she revised confidently. "Not like he moves very fast. Even when you tell him to."


She’ll want to hear more, Temari thought, anticipating Ino out of habit but indulging her out of friendliness. “I wouldn’t mind our rooms being closer together.”

Now Ino was a little worried. Temari and Shikamaru meeting was very important to the florist. She kind of not-so-secretly hoped that they liked each other. And then she could stay in bigger accommodation during missions to Sunagakure!

Was it just her fangirlish imagination, or was Temari sounding sad that she hadn’t seen Shikamaru?

"If that isn’t the look of a girl in love, then I am not in love."

Ino snickered at that. “Yep. He has all the motivation of a corpse.”

Wait, that was too honest. No girl would fall for that!

"Err, of course, Shikamaru can be heroic and manly when the time calls for it," she pointed out quickly. Every girl liked a hero. Ino smiled at the thought of heroic Shikamaru. It was true no matter how much he denied wanting to be one.

Rooms… closer… Oho~

"Sunagakure shinobi really are forward, ne?" Ino smirked knowingly. "Well… then why don’t we talk to the administration?"

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do you know how many years everyone’s been waiting for this shikamaru?

d o

y o u ?

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