It is true.


It is not.


"It’s so true!!”

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Meme Friday: Getting to know me

Getting to know me tag game

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Name: Yamanaka Ino
Birthday: 23rd of September(!!!!!!!!)
Favorite colors: No particular favourites as I like them all. Bright ones are good. Purple is favourable too.
Lucky number: 10 
Height: 5.32 ft  the last height I measured…
Talents: I’m good at everything- well, I suppose there is nobody that can rival me in terms of flower arranging.
Last dream you remember: Hmm… Itachi-San proposing- oh wait- that actually happened. ;)
Do you like dancing: Yesss!
Do you like singing: 
Yesss (AHA! Another talent!!)


Dream Vacation: Somewhere with lots of shops *^*
Dream Guy/Girl: Itachi-San meets all the criteria in my dream guy. ;)
Dream Wedding: An extravagant, cheerful wedding where everyone is having a good time. Lots of my family and friends with their family, the Nara, the Akimichi- everyone is there and they are all laughing and enjoying the yummy food and marvelling at the beautiful couple. *^*
Dream Pet: I would like a flying horse. That way nobody would worry about my driving license in this dumb world. And also, it would be amazing having a flying creature since I could defeat my enemies with aerial attacks!

Favorite song: Come by Namie Amuro
Least favorite song: None. Some are very annoying.
Least favorite album: ??
Least favorite artist: Those people that scream instead of sing. WTf?

Guys/Girls/Both: I like everyone! =u=
Eye color: Dark
Humorous/Serious: Humorous
Taller/Shorter: Taller~
Biggest turn off: DisloyaltyLaziness, cannot eat like a human being, mentally unstable, creepy, indecisiveness

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loveyoulikealovesongx3 said:
Uhm yes and the man you ended up with is tame. how that worked out i'll never know. *poke in the cheek* thanks ino.  

"Eheh, isn’t it obvious? Who can resist my good looks and charming personality for that long?"


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David Levithan, Every Day


David Levithan, Every Day

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loveyoulikealovesongx3 said:
No I get super nervous when he's around. I had a panic attack when he came over yesterday.  

"Kayla. I suppose if he makes your heart beat so much… but you should have confidence in yourself."


"You should make him lose his bearings with a single look. You have as much potential as me to make boys go crazy~”

What type of insanity Ino sent boys to, would be discussed another time.

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A flower in the breeze~~




   ”Breast Appreciation? And Death and Hate Clubs…?”


   ”Are those even acceptable to have in a school like this—?!”

Ah, there she was, her lipstick-haired friend. 

"Ara, what is this? I didn’t ask for a birthday present with such a big forehead~" Ino laughed, sliding into view with a teasing smile spread over her face.


How long had it been since she had seen that girl? Looking harried and a little embarrassed- but still exactly the same. Keen green eyes, a determined slope to those lips. Sakura.

Her heart swelled with happiness, but she didn’t want to get all weepy on Sakura. 

"Oi, Sakura. Nice to see you here. Yeah… get used to them. There are a lot of weird people here," she explained casually.


"Ohohoohoho, don’t look too surprised to see me. I know I got prettier~"

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Itachi x Cat♥ My otp


Itachi x Cat♥ My otp

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shorts and a button up purple shirt.  

Not something Ino would personally choose for a dinner- but Kayla was obviously comfortable in it.

"Did you seduce him to love you forever and ever?"

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"Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. Be the one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them."
— Marvin J. Ashton
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Her opinion was met with a deadpanned glare. Was he not speaking plainly enough?

He didn’t care what she thought- if he didn’t want to talk to her, nay, have anything to do with her that was his choice. The fact that she kept trying to insert herself into his business when he so clearly was against it- only served to frustrate him. 

“I think it’s more stupid to force myself to get along with someone I’ll never like- never mind see eye to eye with.”


"I have better things to waste my time on." 

Sasuke may be glaring, but to Ino, that was his default expression when conversing with her. He looked like he was actually enjoying it - moreso than others (probably because she was not fawning all over him for once in excited, high-pitched squeals).

Never like? Ino found that a little harsh. How could two brothers have such different personalities? One brother clearly adored her and the other couldn’t stand to look at her.

Ino tried hard not to look too hurt by the waspish remark- it was Sasuke and he clearly wasn’t a fan of his new sister.


She exhaled deeply, her eyes searching for a lie in his words but found none. He really was as pure as she thought. He did not have any double meanings behind his words and disliked her.

"Well, there is not much more I can do," Ino shrugged.

She had tried to get along, reached out for him many times. This would be it. If he considered her a waste of time, she wouldn’t stand here and let him insult her. She had more pride than that.

"If you don’t want to get along, then that is up to you. I am at University during the day and out until late in the evening with my jobs and club activities," she listed.


"That way, you can avoid seeing me. You can live with Itachi-San and I won’t get in your way. I am an only child, so sharing is difficult… but if it is Sasuke-Kun, then I really have no choice. I am an elegant lady, after all; not so inflexible as to deprive my beloved from seeing his bratty little brother. There are some pretty bad women out there who could put your brother in a difficult situation if you were like this. But I know you have a weird affliction when it comes to bright colours- so I will overlook it. Be grateful your brother chose such a woman.

Just before she left, Ino couldn’t help aggravating him one last time as her head popped back around the corridor.

"I hope you become a nicer uncle than a brother-in-law~~"

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Well we are going out tonight for dinner. And just random things. Like his dog and my dogs and just random things  




"Waah, that sounds great! What are you wearing?"

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I’ve already done a pic of Hinata out bathing in public and now here’s an Ino one too. 

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loveyoulikealovesongx3 said:
Kind of. We havent gone out yet we just text.  

"Ah, what do you text about?"

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prodigyitachi said:

[Was happy to receive the embrace because she had a fight with someone at work.]

"Your arms are the best!"

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When you finally get tired of crushing on someone you can’t have…


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